GURPS Books via Print-On-Demand!

In case you hadn’t yet heard, SJGames is testing the waters to see if print-on-demand is viable, as a way of distributing hard copies of GURPS books. The three books currently available are all wonderful books, essential to any committed GURPS gamer’s repertoire.  They are: GURPS Magic GURPS Thaumatology GURPS Ultra-Tech Note that you can… Continue reading GURPS Books via Print-On-Demand!

GURPS · How We Play

My Campsite Battlemap for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy

Having created a whole bunch of hex boards to represent indoor spaces, I decided to try to make a hex board representing an outdoor space. It wasn’t easy. Q: What was the problem? A: Those damned hexes, obviously. The great thing about making battlemaps for indoor spaces like dungeons is that you can pass off the hexes… Continue reading My Campsite Battlemap for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy

HERO · Kickstarter

Your Last Chance to Punch Hitler!

Darren Watts’ Golden Age Champions Kickstarter is approaching its closing hours now – if “superheroes punching Nazis” is your idea of a good time, then don’t forget to get in on it, before it’s too late! If you want some assurances about quality before backing the Kickstarter, you might want to read this post.  There,… Continue reading Your Last Chance to Punch Hitler!