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A Crazy Idea: GM-Less Play

So diving right in…. here’s a crazy GURPS idea I’ve been working on for a while:

Is anyone else excited by the idea of playing GURPS without a GM?

Would that even be possible?  And even if it were possible, would it be any fun?

Well, after doing quite a lot of experimenting over the last year or so, I can attest that it’s both very possible and very fun.  So I thought the first thing I might do on this blog is share some parts of the system I’ve built for playing GURPS without a GM, so that you can try GM-less GURPS for yourself with a minimum of effort, if you want to.

So over the next few weeks, I’m going to be posting parts of my system for “Collaborative” GURPS play. 

If anyone wants to use it, or just cannibalize it for parts, feel free!

The parts ought to be useful for GMs playing in a more traditional way, too.  And if you like GURPS, then they ought to make for fun reading, in any case.

Who Can Use the Stuff I’ll Be Posting?

The system I’ll be posting the elements of over the next few weeks is primarily for Collaborative, GM-less GURPS gaming in a fantasy setting.  It should suit:

  1. Any gaming group that wants to give collaborative, GM-less roleplaying a shot, in any fairly traditional fantasy setting of your choosing.
  2. Anyone interested in playing GURPS solo, again in any fairly traditional fantasy setting of your choosing.
  3. Anyone who is currently GMing a standard GM-and-Players  GURPS Fantasy or GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game.  Much of what I’ll be posting will be ways to auto-generate plots, adventures, worlds, taverns, and so on.  Even if you’re not going the full-on Collaborative Play route, a time-poor GM can always use more random tables, if only to help get the creative juices flowing!







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