A (Ridiculously Huge) System of Tables for Creating Adventures!

Hi again GURPSworlders.

I’ve just posted a vast and monstrous system of RPG-related tables to the website.

Q: What the hell are all these tables for?

They’re for randomly creating GURPS Fantasy / Dungeon Fantasy  adventures.

They’re primarily designed to aid in Collaborative or Solo play, without a GM, but you could easily use them as an inspiration tool even if you’re GMing a more traditional game.  I find them fun just to tinker around with, too.

Q: What RPG are they for?

These tables are designed for GURPS (of course!)

But if you ignore some of the numbers and point values, you could easily use them to generate random adventures for other RPG systems, too, if you so desire.

Q: Dude, there are so many  “Random Adventure Generators” out there on the web already.

I know, I know – and full credit to their makers, and so on.  But to be frank, relatively few of the ones I’ve seen seem terribly sophisticated.  This one is much richer, more detailed, and less arbitrary than most of the others I’ve seen.    And this one is specifically for GURPS!   Score!

Having said all that, like pretty much all random generators, the system still throws up some pretty odd results sometimes, so it’s very much a work in progress.  But check it out anyway, if it sounds like the sort of thing you might enjoy!

Q: Ok, where is it?

Try it out under the new Adventures Tab, above!  The meat of it can be found at A System for Creating Fantasy Adventures.




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