Thursday is GURPSday! – Random Dungeon Creator

For this Thursday’s installment, I’ve published a big system of tables for generating Dungeons for GURPS Fantasy or GURPS Dungeon Fantasy campaigns.

In my humble experience, most random Dungeon creation systems are:

  1. So random as to be totally arbitrary.
  2. Not designed for GURPS.

Both of these things seem like big mistakes to me!  So I tried to make a random Dungeon creator that would:

  1. Make at least a bit of sense (by Dungeon standards)
  2. Slot right into GURPS’ normal mechanics – the skill system, etc etc..

You can tell me whether or not I’ve succeeded!

Q. What’s so interesting about this Dungeon Creation system?

A.  Thanks, friend – I’m so glad you asked!  Most random dungeon creation systems are made for the GM to use during preparation:  first the GM rolls up a dungeon, and then, during the session, the players enter it.

This system is designed to require no preparation – in fact, it’s meant to be used in play, so that the Dungeon is generated as the characters move through it.

This makes things a bit more complex, but I needed to do it this way, since it’s designed to fit in with my larger system for collaborative, GM-less GURPS play. But you don’t have to use it for collaborative play: you can definitely  use it to generate Dungeons for a traditional GM-and-Players game, too.

Anyway, enjoy!  I hope you like it.

(If you do, you might also be interested the other elements of the system – the adventure creation system, the world creation system, and so on.  Plus the systems for Traps, Encounters, Monsters, Treasure etc, still to come in future posts.)


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