Obstacles! Hazards! Wards! Traps!

It’s Thursday, so it’s officially GURPSday again!  Huzzah!

That means it’s time for me to post another element of my system for playing GURPS without a GM.

This week: a bunch of tables for generating the kinds of non-monster threats that Dungeon adventurers typically face.

After some thought, I decided to divide these threats into four types:

  1. Obstacles (meaning things that are hard to get around)
  2. Hazards (meaning dangers posed by the environment itself)
  3. Wards (meaning dangerous magical or divine glyphs, runes, traps etc)
  4. Traps (meaning your usual mechanical contraptions for hurting intruders).

I’ll be interested to see what others think of these categories.

The hard task is to make a simple system that will generate threats of all four kinds, that are automatically both narratively appropriate (given the kind of story or location the PCs are currently in), and also appropriate to the PCs level of power.

The system I’ve come up with to solve this problem is pretty basic and broad-brush, but I think it does an ok job of automatically providing some appropriate threats – randomly generated, yes, but not so randomly as to be totally arbitrary.

Any and all feedback welcome!




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