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An Example of World Creation – Stage 2

(Note: this post is part of my Example of World Creation series.   For a full index to the series, head here).

Some Neighboring Regions.

So we’ve created the starting Region – but what about the immediate neighbors?  To determine what’s out there, we repeat the process for some neighboring Regions.

We come up with this:Worked Example - Stage 2

(Scale: each hex is about 1 day’s travel in standard Terrain)

Geographically, what we have so far is a stretch of coastline backed by a line of coastal hills.  Presumably we’re on the west coast of some larger continent.

Yes, “Monstrous” Regions really are bad news.

The civilization levels are interesting. We’ve already got a lot more “Monstrous” Regions than this system often generates – in fact, they almost totally surround the starting Region.  And in this system, Monstrous regions are really nasty.  “Monstrous” doesn’t just mean “there are some monsters to kill here” – that’s true pretty much everywhere.  Rather, it means “this Region is actively dominated by an evil or monstrous civilization” – think Mordor, Angband, or similar.

So we’re starting the game deep in enemy territory.  This is bad news for the PCs (unless they’re Evil types… hmmm…) but it’s good news for the story – we have drama already!

We still don’t know much about what’s to the North of us… in the next post, we’ll find out.



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