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An Example of World Creation – Stage 3

(Note: this post is part of my Example of World Creation series.   For a full index to the series, head here).

Some more neighboring Regions.

Now I’ll repeat the process to create some Regions to the North.  (Roll, roll, roll….)  Here’s what I come up with:Worked Example - Stage 3

town silhouette
A “Civilized” city on the river!  I wonder who lives there? 

Well, this is working out to be very interesting.  We have a river valley a little way to the North – and unlike the regions to the South, it’s Civilized.  And we even have a full-on City on the river, so we’re not just talking settled agriculture: we’re talking a real Kingdom here.  And yet it’s right next to a Monstrous swamp….  What’s going on there?

North-West of the river, we have two semi-civilized Regions – nomads, tribes, rustic herders, or similar.

Just eyeballing it right now, it’s almost as if the river is the border that protects the civilized and semi-civilized Regions from the monstrous Regions to the South.  And it seems as if maybe the city we’ve just created is the proud guardian of that border.  Are we in a Gondor/Mordor situation, perhaps – with this River being akin to the Anduin?  Or – changing fantasy authors – is this city perhaps home to a larger, more urbanized version of the Night’s Watch?  Hopefully we won’t end up with anything that’s quite so obviously a rip-off – but it’s good to know that the situation is already potentially rich in traditional fantasy flavor.  We’ll see how things develop.

Map - Terrain Symbols - edited down - swamp
So swampy… so monstrous…

I like the way the fairly “Civilized” river ends in a “Monstrous” swamp just before it reaches the Ocean.  Clearly the monsters, whoever they are, control the river mouth. Maybe the swampy terrain makes it difficult for the Knights of the City of Good Guys to defend it?  Maybe.  Anyway, it’s a natural stage for further drama.

It’s starting to look as if the PCs might be from the city itself, and the campaign begins as they head south over the border, into hostile territory – perhaps on some sort of infiltration mission?

In that case, they’ll almost certainly know what’s further up that River, since they’ll have spent time in that City.  Hmmm… In the next post, I’ll throw a few more Regions up there, just so we know what they know.


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