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GURPSDAY SERIES LAUNCH: An Example of World Creation

Map - Karameikos
Yes, when you create a new fantasy world, you have to call the starting Region Karameikos.  True.

In honor of the continuing success of GURPS Day (coming every Thursday to an Internet near you!) I’m hereby launching a new series of posts!  Huzzah!

The ever-so catchy title of this new series is “An Example of World Creation.”  A title that catchy is certain to get the crowds in!

Q: What Is This New Series of Posts About, CollaborativeGuy?

A: Well, a little while back I posted a big system of tables for creating fantasy worlds.  I got a lot of positive feedback about it (including Eric the Red’s awesome computerized version of some of it).  People kept saying they liked it, and they wanted more.  Thanks, everyone!

So in this new series of posts I’m going to be walking through a worked example of world creation, from start to finish.   We’ll begin with a blank piece of paper, and work our way all the way up to a fully mapped and fleshed-out fantasy world, ready to house a GURPS Fantasy or Dungeon Fantasy campaign.

If that sounds like the kind of thing you’d enjoy, stick around!  It should be a lot of fun.

Here’s an index to the posts I’ve put up so far:

At this point, the world map reached its maximum size, and I started going back over it, Region by Region, to name everything, determine who lives where, and generally flesh out the crucial details.  This led to…

That brought the world to completion (at least for now!  Once you start playing, it’s a whole new ball game…).  Thus I posted this:

Then I began reflecting on how the process went.

And then I started a solo campaign, set in the world I’d created.

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