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An Example of World Creation – Stage 4

(Note: this post is part of my Example of World Creation series.   For a full index to the series, head here).

More Regions

Roll, roll, roll… Here’s where we now stand:

Worked Example - Stage 4

Here is a bigger, zoomable version of the map.

So it seems as if the river valley is well-settled by Civilized folk, leading up into a semi-Civilized Region once the river heads up into the mountains, and becomes an Alpine River.   This river valley is increasingly looking like the ol’ “Valley of the Good Guys” – but we’ll see how things develop.

Map - Terrain Symbols - edited down - mountains
Our first Mountains!  And quite a few of them, too….

Heading North, we fairly quickly run into Mountains – some of which are getting very cold, because we’re heading into far northern latitudes.  There’s also a semi-civilized Alpine Lake Region up there.

The oddball is that Civilized Mountain Region in the North-West – it’s not very clear on the map, but the system has defined those as “Polar” rather than “Alpine” mountains, so they’re very, very cold.   That’s really tough territory! Who would build a civilization there, and why?  Dwarves, maybe?  For rare gems or metals?  It’ll be interesting to find out!

Now, we could easily stop here – there’s certainly enough here to play with! – but since I’m really enjoying this, I’m going to carry on.  After all, some of the PCs may be from that Civilized Polar Mountain region in the top left corner of the map – so we might want to know what lies to the West of it.

In the next post, let’s head out to Sea!


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