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An Example of World Creation – Stage 6

(Note: this post is part of my Example of World Creation series.   For a full index to the series, head here).

Some Regions to the South and the East

Roll, roll, roll…. Here’s the world as it stands now:

Worked Example - Stage 6

Here is a bigger, zoomable version of the map.

Awesome!  Things are taking shape.  To the South of the big Monstrous Hills Region  we have our first forest – and it’s quite a big one. It’s semi-civilized – the home of savage wood elves, maybe?   We’ll see.

To the East we have miles upon miles of Mountains, on both sides of that big alpine river.   Some of those Mountains are inhabited, some are wilderness.

If you follow the big river to its headwaters, you end up in another Kingdom of Evil, – and this one has a City, no less!  I wonder how this evil mountain empire gets on with the evil hills empire, down South?

Speaking of the South, there’s now yet another monstrous Region down there – a vast monster-infested swamp in the South-East of the map.  These monsters have a City of their own, too.  Nice.

There are now a lot of monstrous Regions on the map (more than the system usually generates, I should add).  This means that those few civilized Regions along the river are starting to look really threatened, and from many angles.  Excellent.  If we can’t make a heroic adventure story out of a setup like that, we don’t deserve to be called roleplayers!

We’ve now covered just about every part of the world that the PCs are likely to be aware of as the game starts.

In the next post, I’ll just create a few more Regions up North to clarify that area – then I’ll start adding detail.



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