Names for Fantasy Realms!

For today’s post, I’m interrupting my Example of World Creation series for a moment, in order to bring you another big set of tables! I’ll return to the Worked Example shortly – I can’t wait, actually, since it’s just getting interesting!

Q: What are all these new tables for, Collaborative Guy?

A: I’m so glad you asked.  I’ve already posted a whole set of tables for naming fantasy characters; these new tables are for rapidly generating flavorful  names for fantasy locations.  So if you need to come up with names for fantasy kingdoms, towns, rivers, deserts, oceans, or whatever (and who doesn’t), then these are the tables for you!

Q: But Collaborative Guy, there are so many random fantasy name generators on the web already!

A: Yup, I know.  But I’ve never found one that tasted right.  I also like to be able generate name elements with a specific flavor in mind, so I built this system of tables to do just that.  Thus if you want a name that sounds, say, Evil and Magical, or if you want one that sounds, say, Dwarven and Poor, or if you want a name that sounds, say, Elvish and Militaristic, then you can just refer to the appropriate sub-tables, and then combine to taste.

I find it really handy, anyway!

The tables are here.

Q: Why did you interrupt your unbelievably excellent Example of World Creation series in order to post these?  Why?!  WHY!?!?

A: Because in the next phase of world creation, we’re going to use these very tables to generate names for the various realms, kingdoms, regions, rivers etc in our new fantasy world!  Huzzah!

So stay tuned, GURPS lovers!


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