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Behold! The Complete World Map!

So after two and a half weeks of posts, I’ve now completed the initial sketch of our fantasy world.  The world map is now effectively complete (for now!)


World Creation 18 - Complete Map

Here is a bigger, zoomable version of the complete world map.

This seems like a good time to sit back and take stock, so over the next few days I’ll be posting some general reflections on the process, before we move into another stage.

4 thoughts on “Behold! The Complete World Map!

  1. Congratulations, and good work! Looking forward to the reflection posts. I’m definitely thinking of using this system after the current campaign. Using a hex crawl kinda system this time for slowly generating the world map in a “lazy load” kinda way; “no one needs to know what’s 20 miles east of here until we start heading 15 miles east” kinda thing. I’ve kinda been glancing over the system and the tables, but do you think this system would facilitate a “just-in-time” mapping approach as well, or is it better suited for a one time world generation?


    1. Thanks for the positive words! Your feedback is hugely appreciated.

      You ask about “just-in-time” mapping – and actually, that’s *exactly* what the system designer had in mind! 🙂

      The whole world creation system is designed to slot into the larger collaborative play system (e.g. the stuff under the “Adventures”, “Journeys,” “Dungeons”, and “Hazards” tabs – plus other tabs like “Monsters” and “Treasure”, still to come!). It’s all designed to be player-facing, so it all works in a “just-in-time” way.

      To put this more clearly: the idea is that you get together with your gaming friends, spend the first session making the world, and then go home and make characters. *Everyone* makes a character, since there’s no GM. Then you just start playing GM-lessly the next session.

      This means when they look for something to do you roll up an adventure or two using the “Adventures” system; when they try to travel to the adventure site you see how that goes using the “Journeys” system; when they get to the Dungeon (if any), you roll all *that* up as they explore it, using the “Dungeon” system – and so on. And if the characters ever learn anything concrete about areas beyond the boundaries of the existing world map, then you just roll up some new Regions using the “Worlds” system. Just like in world creation.

      So – in summary – *everything* is happening “just in time” My general design principle has been that things should only be determined when the characters learn about them – not before! The initial world creation process is so extensive only because the PCs probably haven’t been living under a rock, so they’re assumed to know a fair bit about their world already, even as they start the game.


      1. Gotcha! I have the same philosophy. I might be able to get to try out a few of your other systems a bit earlier, so when the party gets out of the current adventure, I’ll try the adventure and dungeon generators… assuming they survive. If they die, I might get to try the world generator a bit earlier.


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