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Gazetteer: Sheltered Halandia (“Whitevale”)

(For those who came in late: these “Gazetteer” entries are a tourist’s guide to a fantasy world I created in a previous series of posts, using this procedural system.   You might want to check out the complete world map, or the other gazetteer posts.  Enjoy!)

Halandia (“Whitevale”)

A tiny, pretty, hilly realm cradled among steep chalk cliffs, overlooking the confluence of the Mistrill and the Cairnflood.

Gazetteer - Valiroth
In game terms, Halandia is considered Civilized.

The Realm

Whitevale, full of mist
From atop the high chalk cliffs, a party of Adventurers peers down over Whitevale, obscured by mist.

Halandia is a tiny kingdom in the hills overlooking the confluence where the Mistrill and the Cairnflood meet to become the Rulerun.  The name “Halandia” is only used when something very formal is required: instead, the region is almost universally known as “Whitevale” after the steep chalk cliffs that surround it.

Whitevale is too small a realm to play a very significant role in world affairs, and indeed it has survived as an independent Kingdom only because the ruggedness of the chalk cliffs that surround it have convinced most potential attackers that the prize would not be worth the cost.  For that reason, Whitevale has ridden out the centuries virtually untouched by war – a rare distinction in a dangerous world.

The nobility of larger realms have sometimes been guilty of treating Halandian noble titles as a bit of a joke, but the Kingdom has been independent for a very long time, and has experienced much less upheaval and interruption than most of the larger realms, so the princes of Whitevale feel entitled to take themselves as seriously as they like.

WHitevale mist
When the mist clears you can see how settled and agricultural Whitevale really is.

The People

The Halandians are a cheery and optimistic people who think of themselves as decent, honest, and down-to-earth.  They have a habit of comparing themselves favorably with their immediate neighbors, the fanciful and flighty Rasitanians, whose realm is a little larger and a lot more famous.

Whitevale - rolling hills
The rolling hills of Whitevale

(The Halandians delight in joke-telling, and they have a whole genre of jokes in which a stereotypical Rasitanian comes to Whitevale and attempts to impress the locals, only to makes a fool of himself by being absurdly impractical, stuck-up, and out-of-touch.)

People of other civilized realms sometimes consider the people of Whitevale a bit rustic, sheltered, or naïve – and since Whitevale lacks much in the way of a military tradition, the Valirothians in particular have a tendency to patronize them, treating them as big, friendly children who need protecting.

Whitevale - pony.jpg
One of the wild ponies that make their home in the highlands overlooking Whitevale.

But the people of Whitevale are an affable lot, and don’t seem to care.  Instead, they focus on practical matters like bringing the harvest in, singing and laughing all the while.





Region Stats: Whitevale

For an explanation of all these terms, see the Worlds system.  If you want to see how Whitevale was first created, see here (for the geography) and here (for the culture).

Size: Tiny
Climate: Temperate
Terrain Type: Hills

Level of Civilization: Civilized
Settlements: One town
Population Type: Human
Theme: Safe

Monster Ecology
Primary Monster Type: ?
Secondary Monster Type: ?
Tertiary Monster Type: ?

For the world map and more gazetteer posts, head here.

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