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Introducing Temian Fell, All-round GURPS Hero

(For those who came in late: having created a new fantasy world from scratch using this procedural system, I’m now creating a hero to explore it – and to star in my upcoming solo-play campaign.  Enjoy!)

Well, now that I’ve given him a name – Temian Fell – I need to stat this guy up.  I think perhaps 150 pts will be about right.

Since this is a solo campaign, my primary goal here is to put together an all-round hero, rather than the specialists you usually see in group play.  Temian needs to be able to at least attempt to deal with pretty much any kind of trouble you throw at him.

This means he’ll need to split his points pretty evenly between physical, mental, and social abilities.

My other main goal is to make him a very understandable “plain vanilla” hero type.  Why?  Well, this solo campaign is meant to provide an example of how my system for GM-less GURPS works in practice – and examples are usually clearest when they begin by taking the most obvious road.

So, without further ado, here he is:

Temian Fell, a.k.a. Temian Vaetirrfell
The dashing Temian Fell, hero extraordinaire.  (And before you ask: yes, all self-respecting fantasy heroes have 80s hairdos.)

Explorer of ancient ruins and all-round square-jawed Hero.

ST  12 [20]           HP  12
DX 12 [40]           Per 12
IQ  12 [40]           Will 14 [10]
HT 12 [20]            FP 12

Basic Speed 6:00, Basic Move 6:00

Combat Reflexes [15]
Luck [15]
Charisma 1 [5]
Attractive [4]

Classic Features: Generic Hero (Temian looks exactly like a generic storybook hero, so he gets an additional +1 on reactions from people who have a particular weakness for that type) [1]

Reputation (as “Temian Vaetirrfell”, slayer of evil Troll-spirits.  Worth a +1 on reactions, but only among the people of Eldervale, who recognize him on a 10 or less) [1]

Brotherhood (Minor spirits) [1] (From Eldervalean Template)

Claim to Hospitality (Family and friends in Eldervale) [1] (From Eldervalean Template)

Obsession: Exploring Ancient Ruins (12-) [-10]
Impulsiveness (12-) [-10]
Selfless (12-) [-5]
Compulsive Generosity (12-) [-5]
Wealth: Struggling [-10]

Bold (This is quirk-level Overconfidence, controllable on at 16-) [-1]
Undetermined Quirk [-1]
Undetermined Quirk [-1]
Undetermined Quirk [-1]
Undetermined Quirk [-1]

Social Stigma: Eldervalean (This is a quirk-level Social Stigma: some people in civilized realms mistrust Eldervaleans, since they’re considered odd, a bit fey, and not quite ok.  Worth a -1 on reactions when it applies – but it applies quite rarely.)  [-1] (From Eldervalean Template)

Skills (Organized by type)

ca0d59c64a316d8e371f14a1e5d14ea6Scholarly Skills
Archaeology [2] 11
Literature [1] 10
Research [1] 11

Eldritch Skills
Exorcism [1] 12
Occultism [1] 11
Hidden Lore (Troll-wights) [1] 11

c845d8ddcbccf0c874eff927b4d754feOutdoors Skills
Area Knowledge (Eldervale) [1] (12) (From Eldervalean Template)
Navigation (Land) [1] 11
Riding (Horse) [1] 11 (From Eldervalean Template)
Survival (Mountain) [1] 11
Swimming [1] 12 (From Eldervalean Template)
Boating (Unpowered) [1] 11 (From Eldervalean Template)

tumblr_nmtx25odaJ1raogpmo1_500Combat Skills
Broadsword [4] 13
Fast-Draw (Broadsword) [1] 12
Cloak [2] 12
Brawling [1] 12

41EN5uvwQpLSocial Skills
Acting [1] 11
Diplomacy [1] 10
Intimidation [1] 13

il_fullxfull.689602331_hnfs.jpgMiscellaneous Skills
Observation [1] 11
Search [1] 11
Stealth [1] 11
First Aid [1] 12

That’s it!

So What Choices Did I Make?

As you can see, I’ve had to spread those 150 pts pretty thinly, so as to cover all bases.  This has left him with alarmingly low skill levels in many core skills – at least by 150pt character standards!  Given how rolling 3d6 works, a skill level of 12 is much, much better than a skill level of 10 or 11 – but Temian has got 10’s and 11’s all over his character sheet!  This means he’s going to be failing rolls fairly often, especially if there are any penalties involved.  But failing rolls is fun, too!  And he’s got room to grow quickly: a few points here and there will remedy much of that by bringing those core skills up to 12.

On the the other hand, he does have a very wide range of capabilities.  His decent ST, HT, and weapon skills make him fairly capable in a fight; his decent Per and wilderness skills make him a fair outdoorsman; his decent IQ and various mental skills make him a bit of a scholar, especially regarding old ruins (Archaeology) and the strangenesses that often dwell there (Exorcism, Occultism, Hidden Lore), and he’s also a pretty likeable fellow (Attractive, Charisma), so he ought to be able to get things done in a social setting.  So he’s a real jack-of-all-trades.

(He’s not a user of magic, though, and he doesn’t have any special supernatural or “racial” powers.  So he’s not an all-rounder in that sense.)

What a Terrible Character!

Note that I think Temian would be a terrible character in most campaigns.  If there are multiple PCs in the party, then a true all-rounder can often be a pain in the butt for everyone, since they force everyone to share the spotlight, all the time – but without ever contributing very much, since their points are spread too thinly.

But the situation is quite different in a solo campaign, and so I think/hope he’s going to play pretty well.

Yup, high Will definitely makes you a hero, even if you’ve got absolutely nothing else on your sheet except “Gardening.”

The only place where I really went to town (and betrayed the whole “all-rounder” thing!) was Will.  Spending an extra 10 pts to bring Will up to 14 was probably overkill: there were definitely some more efficient ways I could have spent those points (particularly when he has so many important skills at 10 or 11, and just one point would often be enough to improve them significantly).   But I wanted to make a generic square-jawed fantasy hero, and in fiction it always seems as if true heroes have grit, determination, and an iron will – even if they have nothing else.  So I blew a bunch of points on that!

He’s also only got one quirk, so far – a very minor case of Overconfidence, which seems like it will be a fun way to get him into trouble.  I’ve left the others to be defined in play.

In the next post: his loadout!




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