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Temian Fell’s Loadout

(For those who came in late: having created a new fantasy world from scratch using this procedural system, I’m now creating a hero to explore it – and to star in my upcoming solo-play campaign.  Enjoy!)

So we’ve named our hero Temian Fell, and we’ve created his character sheet.  Now it’s time to get him some equipment!

This shouldn’t take too long, since his Struggling Wealth means that he has only 500 silver pieces to spend….  Exploring ancient ruins obviously doesn’t pay very well!

Yes, if you leave it on the grass, it will get rusty.

For a weapon, let’s give him a thrusting broadsword-  but it will have to be a “Cheap”one!  Let’s say it was once a very good sword, but it’s been in his family for quite a while, and so it’s getting pretty old and rusty nowadays.  It will get +2 to breakage if Temian tries to parry anything big with it.  This means our equipment list will start with:

  • Cheap Thrusting Broadsword    240sp, 3lbs     sw+1 cut, thr+2imp
cloak and sword.jpg
Bringing a cloak to a swordfight… totally viable!

Temian fights with a cloak rather than a shield – much more stylish! – so he’ll need a heavy cloak, too.  As follows:

  • Heavy Cloak  50sp, 5lbs    DB2, DR1/HP5

For armor, let’s give him something that can be concealed under normal clothing – he needs to be able to go around in polite company.

  • Mail Shirt   150 sp, 16lbs        DR 4 (only DR 2 vs crushing).

With just those three items, we’ve already spent 440 sp, leaving only 60sp for other things!  Lucky we’re starting off this campaign using only fairly basic combat rules – otherwise his inability to afford to armor himself anywhere other than the torso would quickly prove deadly.

As it is, we have barely enough to afford even the most basic equipment.  As follows:

  • Personal Basics  5sp, 1lb
  • Canteen  10sp, 3lbs
  • Small Sack 15sp, 1.5lbs   Holds 20lbs of gear   (Note that I extrapolated the stats for this from the larger two-handed “Sack” in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1: Adventurers, p24.
  • Blanket  20sp, 4lbs

Summing Up

That extremely minimal loadout leaves Temian with 10 silver pieces to his name.  This is all to the good – he’s got to find work, and soon!

On the plus side, it doesn’t weight much – just 33.5lbs in total.  That’s Light encumbrance – or just 24lbs (No encumbrance) if he drops the sack that contains his stuff, which he generally will do in combat.

All this gives Temian the following combat stats:

Basic Speed:6:00

To hit: roll vs Broadsword 13
Damage: swing for 1d+3 cut, or thrust for 1d+1 imp

Parry (Broadsword): 10, or 12 if using cloak.
Block: (Cloak) 11
Dodge: 10, or 12 with cloak (9/11 if carrying sack)
DR: 4, or 2 vs crushing.  Though only on the torso!

Ok – that’s quite enough character building.  Stay tuned for the next post, in which we finally start the (totally unplanned) adventure!


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