Auto-Generated Monsters for GURPS!

o3PPd - EditedSince I suspect my solo campaign is soon going to need it, I’ve just posted the bare bones of my system for creating monsters during play.

Basically, the idea is that whenever the larger collaborative play system determines that you’re encountering a monster, you start by…

  1. Rolling to determine how many monsters, and how dangerous they are.

Crucially, both of these are automatically calibrated to the size and strength of the PC group.

Then you…

2. Roll to determine what kind of monsters they are.

Crucially, the tables that determine this take into account the type of dungeon or terrain you’re in, the dungeon’s or region’s “theme”, etc.  They also feed into the rules for Monster Ecology in the Worlds and Dungeons systems.

It takes a bit of grokking to begin with, but it’s actually really simple to use once you get the basic idea.

There’s a third part of the system, still to come, which actually generates the monster’s traits for you – but I haven’t uploaded it yet, I’m afraid.  One piece at a time!

Anyway, if that sounds like the kind of thing that would interest you, then check it out – I’ll be very interested to see what others think of it: whether the basic idea is sound, where the flaws are, how it can be improved, etc…

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