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Thoughts about the blog, 2.5 months in.

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My very hastily-constructed logo, still going strong after all these years!            No, wait –  I mean “weeks.”  My mistake.

In the very first post, I said that I expected the blog to last “a few months, tops, with quite irregular posting”.

Well, The Collaborative Gamer has now been up and running since early January, which means it’s now two and a half months old.  This means I’ve kind of met my initial goal – so this might be a good time to sit back and take stock!

Q: How “irregular” was that posting, really?

Pretty damned regular, as it turned out.  Much more regular than I’d anticipated, actually: I’ve been averaging a post every 1-2 days or so.  I was trying to hit the ground running, and that seems to have worked out.

Q: Are you really listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for “The Most GURPS-Related Tables Published in a Single Month?”

Why yes!  I’m so glad you noticed!

Ok, so obviously I just invented that world record.  But in the first month, on my count, I posted no less than 191 GURPS-related tables.  That’s more than 6 new tables a day, for a whole month!  Of course,some of them are pretty silly.  But still, if I don’t hold the record, then I want to see the record-holder’s site – because that guy’s site rocks!

Q: What about the current series?

My current thing is my Solo GURPS series, The Adventures of Temian Fell –  which I’m enjoying a lot.  In fact, so far it’s been even more fun that I’d hoped, so I’m definitely going to continue it for the foreseeable future – or at least until Temian dies (which could happen at any time!)

One problem: I’m not yet sure whether or not it makes good reading.  It tends to produce some quite lengthy posts.  I’ve tried to develop a format which allows reader to skim the technical details, if they want, but I’m not sure how well that’s working.   We’ll see how it goes.

Q: What plans for the future?

In the last two weeks my posting rate has slowed down a bit, since I’ve been busy at work – I might be down to a post a week for a little while.  But hopefully I’ll bring that back up when my schedule clears.

I’ve posted 191 tables, but more are to come – I’ve yet to post the majority of the Monsters system, for instance.  And the auto-generated Treasure system, too!  That’s important.  I really look forward to other people’s thoughts on that.

And those are my main thoughts, really!  Thanks for continuing to swing by the site!







11 thoughts on “Thoughts about the blog, 2.5 months in.

  1. As for enthusiasm, count me in as well. At the beginning, I thought your tables were cool, but I confess I was more than a bit skeptical about the whole GM-less play thing. Now I am in love with your Temian Fell campaign. To somebody like me, who lacks a playing group at the moment, your example is inspiring.

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    1. Thanks, formergamer!

      I first got into solo play for exactly that reason – I had just moved, leaving my old gaming buddies many miles away, so I didn’t have anyone to play with. But I still wanted to scratch that GURPS itch, so I started to experiment with solo play… and eventually ended up wondering how to do it in a more rigorous, less “I just make it up as I go along!” kind of way. My main solution to *that* problem was to replace the GM with a system of tables. And to try to make the system of tables sophisticated enough to generate narratively interesting, non-arbitrary results.

      Then some of the solo play tools I was putting together sort of melded with the ideas for collaborative, GM-less group play that I’d been thinking about for a while, and the whole vast mess of tables you see on the site was the result….

      (Hey I really like your FAQ, by the way! It makes me hope that some decent fellow gamers will turn up, right in your neighborhood, so you can get the good times rolling again.)

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  2. I haven’t played GURPS in years, though I still feel like they have some of the best sourcebooks in the business. Nonetheless, I have found the posts here immensely helpful. I’m sure it’s been suggested before, but I’m going to say it anyway — if you finished all of your charts, tables, and techniques and put them into a PDF, I’d honestly pay money for it. I find the personal plot resolution stuff particularly inspiring. This is some seriously great stuff. I think I’m going to start building a map. 😀

    Very much looking forward to how you do city and wilderness adventures.

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    1. Thanks very much for those generous words, Nessalantha – I appreciate you taking the time to write them. I’d love to see your map, when you’re done!

      Regarding PDFs, I actually have a lot of this in PDF form, since I put it together as a series of PDFs for my own gaming group – but I’m very reluctant to distribute it (and certainly couldn’t do so commercially!) since the PDFs, in their current form, include a whole bunch of copyright material from various sources, including copy-pasted sections of the GURPS rules, etc. They’re obviously fine just as play-aids for personal use, but I wouldn’t be able to distribute them more broadly without making some pretty huge changes. Maybe one day?

      By the way, I just googled you and disovered your Mythic GM emulator threads on


      They look really excellent; I look forward to reading them! GM-less play is a big interest of mine 🙂

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      1. Thanks. Hope you enjoy them — I was a little too ambitious, so even if I hadn’t lost the files, I’m not sure I ever could have finished the Dragonlands thing. I’m leaning heavily toward doing Exalted based on the Godbound rules, in a more episodic fashion at some point.

        I will regularly peek in for updates, as I am enjoying the story of Temian Fell. GURPS rules can be unforgiving, so I am totally afraid he’s going to die before he completes his first quest! It was smart of you to get Luck, it seems. 😀


  3. “One problem: I’m not yet sure whether or not it makes good reading.”

    Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but frankly I love reading these. I glanced at the site back at the beginning, but wasn’t really “into it” and had a lot else going on. Bookmarked it anyway and wandered back over today, and I’m really enjoying this “showcase” campaign. Once I get through it, I’ll probably go back and look through all the building blocks behind it that I skipped the first time around. =P

    In addition to its obvious utility for GM-less gaming, it seems like it might also be a great way for a less experienced GM (*cough* not that I know any of those *cough*) to learn the ropes with a strong support system in the background. I’m hoping I’ll be able to give that a go sometime soon for exactly that reason.

    I reckon I’ve gotten a little off-topic by this point, though, so back to my original point: If you’re concerned about whether the “session write-ups” make for good reading, don’t be—they’re perfect.


    1. Thanks for all those positive words, Landwalker – much appreciated! It really is great to hear that you’ve been enjoying the session reports. They’re certainly fun to *write*!

      I like your idea of using the system as a scaffold for less experienced GMs, by the way. The one obstacle to this: the GM in question would have to be very comfortable running my fairly complex system of tables at the same time as s/he was running the fairly complex system known as GURPS. So this “inexperienced” Gm would have to be very comfortable running complex systems!

      But then, in support of the idea, there are probabably a lot of GMs out there who are very good at running complex systems, but not very good at improvising satisfying plots, encounters, etc – so your idea might be right on the money there!


  4. I would like to know how long it took you to play/write each session. Taking too many hours was one of the problems I had when I tried solo play (3-4 hours for a session that would fill a word document page in the style you write).


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