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What should Temian spend his points on?

fb5e5b2d6a5383424e1b33fa9fd5b4a5So Temian has 6 unspent character points – and since he’s just about to head into a new adventure, this seem like a good time to spend them!

Hmmm… what to spend them on?

Should Temian….

…save up for attributes?

It would be great if I could save up 20pts to raise IQ by one – Temian has a wide range of IQ-, Per-, and Will-based skills, so raising the base stat would be really worthwhile.  And generally speaking, it’s just better to raise base stats, when you’re upgrading a generalist.

But that would mean leaving a lot of points lying fallow for the next few adventures – and I’m reluctant to do that, since he’s probably going to need all the help he can get.  GURPS combat can be deadly – as can my adventure system – so who knows if he’ll survive that long without some upgrades?

…buy a new advantage?

I’m not sure I see much narrative justification for adding any new physical or mental advantages at this stage – but a social advantage could be nice.  Maybe word has got around about his last adventure, and now Temian has a positive Reputation in Eldervale as “the man who survived the Demons of Heirloom Peak”?   Alternatively, it might be fun to buy Aed Steadlark as a Contact or Ally – if Aed becomes a recurring character, then the betrayal plot from last session will make for a fun back-story.

And yet, the adventure system actually provides special packets of points called “social points”, to be used on precisely these sorts of things, so I’m tempted just to hold off on buying social advantages until those come up.

…raise existing skills?

As I observed when he was first created, Temian has a lot of skills at level 10 or 11, many of them with just 1 pt in them.  And we’re talking skills that are pretty important for his shtick: skills like Occultism, Navigation (Land), Survival (Mountain), Diplomacy, Stealth…  In cases like that, a single point invested will significantly improve his chances of success – due to the way 3d6 rolls work, a level of 11 is vastly better than a level of 10; and the same goes for 12 vs 11.

So there’s certainly a case for putting my points in those kinds of skills.

He could also use an upgrade in Broadsword, which is currently at [4] 13.  Raising it to 14 would raise his Parry by one, too, which could well save his life.

…learn new skills?

…at the same time, it’s always fun to get entirely new skills, especially if Temian might plausibly have learned them “on the job” during the story.   He spent so much time with Demons over the last six sessions that I’m tempted to give him Hidden Lore (Demons), or similar.

Plus, as Nessalantha quite rightly pointed out in the comments on last session, Temian has made a bit of a habit of trying to disarm people (despite the crapness of the tactic) – and if he plans to continue trying that, then putting a few points in the Disarming technique will drastically increase his odds of staying alive.

Hmmm…  well, having laid out the options, I find that I can’t decide.  Not right away, anyway.

I’ll have to give this some thought….

(Don’t hesitate to weigh in, if you have a view on this!)

Later Edit: Here’s the post in which I actually spend the points.  But first, don’t forget to check out everyone;s excellent comment, below!


8 thoughts on “What should Temian spend his points on?

  1. Even though I suggested disarm, I lean toward raising skills. Temian nearly died due to some bad journey rolls, and he often misses good opportunities due to missing research rolls and such. Plus, you could save your Luck for really important things!

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  2. I would raise broadsword and survival, since those will keep him alive long enough to start saving up to raise his attributes.

    The adventure is off to an interesting start, and it would be a shame to see it cut short.

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  3. If your GM permits, buy up Perception one level, on the way to buying another point of IQ. It would boost your Survival skills, and still leave you with a point to drop on, say, Stealth.


  4. My first thought is spend some, but keep a reserve. If you can keep a reserve each time, you’ll eventually get the stat increase, while getting some boosts along the way.

    Arne’s idea of getting Per on your way to IQ isn’t bad either.

    Personally, I think I’d go for Navigation and Survival, and maybe get that first point into Hidden Lore (Demons). The way the plot’s going, there’s a number of demons in Temian’s future, so knowing more about them would be a plus.


  5. Definitely skills. If it were up to me, I would go for 1 pt each in Broadsword (his only combat skill, he will need it!), Navigation and Survival (if he is to make it to the Lost City, he’d better not get lost at every turn), Hidden Lore (Demons) (you know, “Know Thy Enemy” and stuff) and 2 pts in Occultism (the demons are looking for the Lost City because the look for some sort of magic artifact: better be prepared!).


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