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Good people are talking about me!

The last couple of days have been a lot of fun for me, since a bunch of bloggers I respect have posted nice things about me.

Thanks, everyone!

Just to give me an opportunity to shout my glory from the rooftops, let’s take a look at what they’ve been saying:


Worlds Beyond Earth.jpgFirstly, over at Worlds Beyond Earth, Eric the Red has put together some pretty amazing stuff.   Firstly, in his post “Collaborative Gamer’s Adventure System“, he sketched a flow-chart showing how some of the tables on my site fit together.  That’s quite a bit of effort he’s gone to.  And then, in “Adapting Collaborative Gaming to Monster Hunters“, he offered some really great thoughts on how to re-skin the system so it supports GM-less GURPS play in a different genre.  Great stuff, Eric!

Game in the Brain copy.jpgBut that’s not all!  Because over at Game In The Brain, Justin Aquino has been talking me up, which is really nice of him.  His post “Collaborative Gamer’s Solo Campaign is a GMing Practice Session” argues exactly what it says on the tin: that you can use my solo tools to practice your GMing.  I’d never thought of that, but I’m really happy to find someone doing it!  Thanks, Justin.

Mailanka Logo.gifMeanwhile, over at Mailanka’s Musings, Mailanka has said some very kind words about the system, and the Temian campaign, in his post “Collaborative Gamer’s Solo Campaign.”  This means a lot, since I really like Mailanka’s work – his Star WarsPsi Wars” campaign setting, in particular.  Thanks, Mailanka!

Those are three great GURPS blogs!  And not just because they have kind words to say about me… (though obviously that’s very welcome , too… 🙂   )








2 thoughts on “Good people are talking about me!

  1. I also just realized your procedural system is great for Kids! New gamers getting into the hobby with your system would be a good system to teach. A scaffolding as they learn to GM and to play. I’m curious to know how will they react to a Adult running such a game and referring to the Tables and weaving such a story.
    When my nephew and son (6 and 5) wanted me to run “imagination game” I was wishing I had all the charts and worked through the flow chart so that I can run for them an adhoc game.


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