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Gazetteer: The Wistwilds

(For those who came in late: these “Gazetteer” entries are a tourist’s guide to a fantasy world I created in a previous series of posts, using this procedural system.   You might want to check out the complete world map, or the other gazetteer posts.  Enjoy!)

The Wistwilds

A  wild stretch of the Northern mountains, known for its great natural beauty.

The Wistwilds

The Wistwilds
An abandoned cabin on the edge of the Wistwilds.

The Wistwilds are a very beautiful series of mountain ranges that lie between Mystimere, to the West, and the Trackless Peaks of Duzundigath, to the East.

The Wistwilds are virtually uninhabited, though patrols of Valirothian Hawkfolk can be sighted in the skies from time to time.  Why are the Valirothians keeping an eye on this distant mountain range?  That’s a closely kept secret…

Notable Sites

Murdfane Temple – This ancient temple in the North-Western portion of the Wistwilds is devoted to dark gods.  Many legends claim that it was here, centuries ago, that a woman named Juliana Darkhound invoked the aid of the dark powers and became the dreaded Dunmoss Witch.

Region Stats: The Wistwilds

For an explanation of all these terms, see the Worlds system.  If you want to see how The Wistwilds were first created, see here (for the geography) and here (for the culture, such as it is).

Size: Small
Climate: Alpine
Terrain Type: Mountains

Level of Civilization: Wilderness
Settlements: None
Population Type: Sparse, but occasional Hawkfolk
Theme: Beautiful

Monster Ecology
Primary Monster Type: Goblin-Kin
Secondary Monster Type: Troll-Kin (esp. Troll-Wights)
Tertiary Monster Type: ?

For the world map and more gazetteer posts, head here.

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