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DFRPG Kickstarter succeeds!

Just a quick post to share the joy: the new Dungeon Fantasy RPG is now definitely, officially going to be printed!

The Kickstarter reached its $100,000 goal today, which is brilliant (though not entirely unexpected) news.  SJ Games then made a pretty cool announcement that all $ spent on GURPS-related stuff on Warehouse 23 over the next while will count towards the Kickstarter goals.

This means that the Kickstarter has officially been funded, and has blown through its first stretch goal, in a single day!  Nice!


8 thoughts on “DFRPG Kickstarter succeeds!

    1. Ah, damn, you’re right! Hadn’t thought of that…

      Since all RPGs *obviously* need an acronym that makes them incomprehensible to outsiders, what the hell are we going to call this one? DFPBGRPG? (Dungeon Fantasy Powered by GURPS Roleplaying Game?) GDFRPG? Any longer, sillier suggestions?


  1. This is certainly great news for us GURPS fans at a time when it had looked like GURPS wasn’t going to get any more attention, I hope SJG follow this development up with other new products to keep us playing! Even more reason for Temian to sharpen his sword and attack some fiendish opponents… 🙂


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