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DF Kickstarter reaches stretch goal 3!

Just sharing the joy – the Dungeon Fantasy RPG Kickstarter has just reached its third stretch goal!

This is excellent news.  Now we all get a brand-new, as-yet-unwritten PDf – which, it turns out, is going to be a second sample Dungeon..  Nice!

The more sample adventures the better, in my book.  Like so many other people, (particularly SJ Games forumites), I’ve always felt that GURPS needed better pre-made stuff with whcih to introduce new players in a simple, plug-and-play way.

Now that wish is being granted.

This bodes well for stretch goal 4, too, which wold be yet another brand-new PDF.  I’m hoping we can reach both 4 and 5, which would would mean a total of three extra brand-new PDFs added to the Kickstarter.  That would show that GURPS is is great shape!



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