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DF Kickstarter destroys stretch goal 4!

Sharing the good news once again:

With 4 days to go, the Dungeon Fantasy RPG Kickstarter has just slammed through its fourth stretch goal.  Way to go!  This means that everyone clever enough to back it properly is going to get $10 off shipping as well as at least two extra brand-new PDFs: a second sample dungeon, and a new supplement on Traps.


Also, by my calculations, at this moment, the total $ for the purposes of stretch goals is $148,000, which means that we’re getting close to knocking over the fifth stretch goal too – which would mean getting yet another brand-new PDF thrown in.

Fingers crossed we get there!  That would be a resounding vote of confidence, not only in the new DF RPG, but in GURPS more generally.

If you’re not in, get in quickly!  Only 4 days to go!



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