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Three cheers for the new obvious!

My friends, we live in a glorious time for GURPS.  I just posted something to this effect on the SJGames Forums, and while I’m gushing with enthusiasm, I thought I might post it here, too.

DFkickstarterPlease indulge me while I restate some of the more obviously awesome things that have happened to the GURPS community in the last month, point by point:

  • The very thing for which so many Forumites have long been asking – an “Intro to GURPS” kit – is actually being made, as we speak.
  • Even better, it serves as a stand-alone game, as well as a gateway drug for full-on GURPS.
  • Thrillingly, it’s going to be a beautiful hard-copy BOXED SET, complete with kewl physical components of many kinds.
  • It’s also all available in PDF for those who prefer that.
  • The project has funded successfully.
  • In fact, that’s a huge understatement. We’ve now hit no less that four stretch goals, and are well on our way to hitting the fifth (fingers crossed!).
  • Everyone backing at or above the $50 level is now getting a really, really big swag of loot.
  • Everyone backing at or above the $250 level is now getting a ridiculously absurdly huge swag of loot.

I could go on, but I won’t – I’m just stating the obvious. But three frickin’ cheers for the new “obvious”!  Because just a month ago, none of this was obvious at all…

Onwards to the GURPS renaissance! Just like the real Renaissance, only better dressed!


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