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DF Kickstarter reaches stretch goal 6!

dfThe sixth magical seal has been broken… soon, the ancient evil within will be unleashed!

Yes, I’m starting to sound like a busted record – but huzzah!  Now in its last 48 hours, the Dungeon Fantasy RPG continues blowing stretch goals out of the water at a rapid pace.

Once again it hasn’t yet been formally announced (edit: now it has!), but the numbers on the site reveal that the Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter has now passed its sixth stretch goal.  I wonder if we’ll get to the seventh in the final hours?

Now we have 3 brand-new supplements plus $15 off shipping for everyone.  Sweet!

Next stop: a free one-month subscription to Pyramid!

If you’re not in yet, you’re running out of time… Get in before the final seal breaks, and evil is unleashed upon the world!

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