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Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter Triumphs

dfOk, so I could have just said “Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter Ends,” but that would be sooo much less exciting.  Plus it was kind of a triumph, I think.  Let’s review the stats.

The Kickstarter…

  • met its target, and then went on to reach no less than…
  • nine stretch goals.  It did this with the help of…
  • 1,587 backers, who pledged a total of…
  • $176,450 on the new DF RPG alone.  People also spent more than….
  • $30,000 on GURPS products via Warehouse 23, which meant that more than…
  • $200,000 was spent on GURPS, via SJGames portals alone, in a single month.

Surely that counts as a triumph in anyone’s book?

Of course, for those of us who are keenly interested in the future of GURPS, “anyone” is not the main issue here.  The big question is as to exactly how much of a triumph this counts as in Steve Jackson Games’s books.

Does the success of this Kickstarter mean that GURPS has a bright future, not only in digital form (we already knew that), but in real, physical, printed and/or boxed form as well?

Man, I hope so!

I’d be very interested to hear others’ thoughts as well.

4 thoughts on “Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter Triumphs

  1. Well, reading some of the SJG staff comments on their Forum, I’d say they seem very happy with how the DF project has gone and the players’ reception and support. To me, that spells a positive commercial reason for SJG to invest in the GURPS line again albeit a new slant on GURPS à la Dungeon Fantasy simplified rules perhaps. I’m sure they’ll be watching the wider appeal of the DF boxset once it’s physically in shops to gauge how other GURPS products might sell as well as sales of Discworld RPG and Mars Attacks, which should both be in shops before DF. I’m certainly hopeful for the GURPS renaissance you’ve alluded to, even if some Zombies get involved along the way 🙂

    Aaargh… brains…!


    1. I share your sentiments. From the outside, at least, it seems as if the senior folks at SJGames seem pleased with the result – though of course they rightly keep emphasizing that nothing can be said for certain before all the figures are tallied, before they have time to reflect, meet and discuss, etc etc. And just as you say, the Kickstarter is only one part of the picture: little can be said at this stage about retailer and player interest in DIscworld, Mars Attacks, and the eventual DF Boxed Set. So who knows, really?

      But there do seem reasons to be hopeful. *Very* hopeful, even, I would cautiously suggest – six months ago, before there was even a whiff of a hint about the DF RPG Boxed set, I didn’t think any of this was going to happen – and yet it did, in a big way. Bright times!


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