“The GM may be changed if necessary”

cover_lgA silly note for GURPS fans:

I was just browsing through my old copy of GURPS Alphabet Arcane when I came across what must have a claim to be the greatest line in the whole GURPS canon.  On p.6, the text informs us that “the exact numbers given here should be known only to the GM, who may be changed if necessary”. 

I like this sentence a lot. As written, it seems to assume that the players’ plan for solving the problems posed by the adventure might include anything up to and including replacing the GM.    As a GM, this concerns me – but as a player, I find it extremely liberating!

Clearly, the idea expressed in this sentence has arisen as a result of an unfortunate accident, but surely that doesn’t make it any less of a great idea.  Next time I’m playing  a GURPS game in which the GM uses anything from Alphabet Arcane, I’m totally going to propose this, and then point to p.6 as a rules justification.  “In fact, by RAW….”

2 thoughts on ““The GM may be changed if necessary”

  1. Brings up a whole image of a GM doing their very best in front of a trio of very serious looking players, one of whom waits for a pause and then stands deliberately before pointing his finger and exclaiming “You’re fired!” Nice spot Joe!


  2. It’s a pity Pyramid no longer seems to be running “Murphy’s Rules”. This discovery deserves to be widely known. (Both for the humor value, and to keep overly obstructive GMs in check)


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