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Temian’s New Skills!

Well, after receiving a whole bunch of great advice from helpful readers, I’ve finally decided how to spend Temian’s points.

Feel free to take a look.

  • Temian’s Five Discretionary Character Points
sword -rusty
Yup, another point in Broadsword.  Slowly, slowly improving…

Temian is spending his five discretionary points as follows:

  • 1pt in Hidden Lore (Demons)
  • 1 pt in Broadsword
  • 1pt in Traps
  • 1pt in Stealth
  • 1 pt in Literature

All of these are skills he used a great deal during the last adventure.  He really needs more points in Broadsword to make it worthwhile, but I’m trying to be strict with myself by not raising it too many points at a time, in the interests of something like a more natural development curve.

  • Temian’s Single “Social Point”

Temian also has a single “Social Point” – a character point that must be spent on a Reputation, Contact, Ally, Favor, or similar.  How to spend it?  Well, I figure that Temian has now limped back into town a number of times, telling strange (possibly believable?) tales of heroism and derring-do, with real treasure in his backpack to support his story.  I’ve thus decided to use his social point to broaden out his Reputation and increase its frequency of recognition.  His existing Reputation reads like this:

“Reputation as ‘Temian Vaetirrfell,’ slayer of evil Troll-spirits.  Worth a +1 on reactions, but only among the people of Eldervale, who recognize him on a 10 or less) [1]” 

I’ve now broadened it out to read as follows:

“Reputation as a local hero, explorer of lost ruins, and moderately successful treasure hunter.  Worth a +1 on reactions, but only among the people of Eldervale [2].”

He’s getting just a little more famous, bit by bit, as the stories of his exploits spreads.  I love that GURPS let you model all this incrementally, at such a high level of resolution.

  • Temian’s Massive 15-pt Story Reward

Now for the big one -that single lump of 15 pts, which he earned by completing his secondary plotline and bringing the Witch of Dunmoss to justice.  As far as ways to spend this go,  I see two very tempting options.

plus1-manyFirst option: it’s very tempting to use these 15pts to raise a whole bunch of crucial skills – Broadsword is perhaps the most obvious candidate, since it very much needs some more points, and there are many others (Stealth, Occultism and Navigation (Land) all come to mind) that could also really use the boost. The downside to this is that it’s a bit hard to justify, unless he spreads the points quite thinly – a sudden investment of 4pts in a single skill just stretches credulity a bit – to my mind, at least (though I’m aware that others play differently).  But gee, more pts in Broadsword, Stealth etc would be nice…

Second option: spend all 15 pts to raise IQ – this costing only 15 rather than 20, since Temian would just be catching up with one of his existing extra points of Will.  Some GMs will allow that sort of thing, and some won’t – by RAW, raised secondary attributes are not treated as a down-payment on an increase in the base stat, though many people like to play that way, so as to allow incremental advances in what seems in some ways a more realistic fashion.   I’d allow one of my players to do that in a normal GM’d face-to-face game, and I think I’m probably happy to allow it here (but then, I would say that, wouldn’t I – one of the perils of solo gaming!)  Is it dodgy to allow myself to raise the base stat incrementally?  I hope not.  I do try to be a fairly strict GM when playing solo – otherwise you can cheat yourself out of a lot of fun.  But I think there’s something to be said for allowing it here, especially since the system has thrown up a lump of 15 pts, all at once, to be used in some narratively appropriate manner – and this adventure was a very brain-heavy one for Temian, beginning with Research, wandering through Literature, Traps, etc, and then heading into Exorcism, Occultism, Hidden Lore, etc.  Not to mention the general broadening of his life experience.  Surely dealing extensively with ancient lore, wicked witches, and infernal sorcery probably might well open one’s mind up to new possibilities?

plus1So which option to choose?  It’s hard to decide.   After much thought, I find myself leaning towards option 2: raising IQ.  Somehow splitting the 15pts up into multiple little packets doesn’t seem quite as appropriate, narratively, as spending the whole 15 in a single lump.  It just seems more satisfying to me to spend it all on one thing: that way, I can point to a single thing and say, “Look, that is what he gained by defeating the Witch”.  Is this a good rationale?  I’m not sure.  And I could easily have gone the other way.  But I want to make this decision, so as to get on with the game – and the extra IQ will certainly be of use further down the line (though a heap of extra pts in Broadsword might have done more to keep him breathing…)

So that’s all the points accounted for.

Alright!  Now I’m nearly ready to start the next adventure…


4 thoughts on “Temian’s New Skills!

    1. I guess that Temian may not have got any brighter, the IQ raise may simply represent him having more confidence in his own decision making.


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