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A System for Creating Fantasy Towns

Do you need a big bunch of tables for creating Fantasy Villages, Towns, and Cities?  You know you do!

Yes, it even takes care of town planning using super-GURPSY hexes.  Sweet!

Today I finally finished my system for creating flavorful fantasy settlements on the fly – I’ve posted it under the new “Towns” tab, above.   If you’re GMing a standard GM-and-players game, you can use it during worldbuilding – or whip it out during the session if you suddenly have to improvise an interesting new village, town, or city!  You can also use it to generate new towns during collaborative, GM-less GURPS play using the rest of the tools on this site.

I’ve tested it a bit, and I think it works pretty well – I might be odd (surely not?!), but I certainly have a good time clicking through it and creating new hamlets, sprawling metropolises, etc.

Anyway, I hope you get some use out of it, too.  Enjoy!

P.S. This is the first step in my ongoing attempt to create a system for generating town-based adventures – so if that interests you, look out for that over the next few months.


5 thoughts on “A System for Creating Fantasy Towns

  1. This is brilliant Joe and will be really useful for my own campaign! I love the amount of variety you’ve put into this yet there’s good structure too, ensuring believable results. I’ll start testing it out and let you know what I create!

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