GURPS in 2016 – What the hell was THAT?!!?

So I’ve been reflecting on the year in GURPS – and all I can say is wow! Over the last few years, many of us have feared that GURPS was never going to get any love: SJGames seemed focused on Munchkin, and then also on the Ogre Kickstarter.  Of course, this was for very understandable… Continue reading GURPS in 2016 – What the hell was THAT?!!?



GURPS Books via Print-On-Demand!

In case you hadn’t yet heard, SJGames is testing the waters to see if print-on-demand is viable, as a way of distributing hard copies of GURPS books. The three books currently available are all wonderful books, essential to any committed GURPS gamer’s repertoire.  They are: GURPS Magic GURPS Thaumatology GURPS Ultra-Tech Note that you can… Continue reading GURPS Books via Print-On-Demand!