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GURPS Treasure on the fly!

Treassure - fci-ornaments-triangular-jewel-medallion-copy.jpgToday I’ve finally posted my big system of tables for generating treasure.

As many of you will instantly recognize, these are heavily based on the bloody amazing  work of Matt Riggsby in Dungeon Fantasy  Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables, and you’ll definitely need to crack open your copy of DF8 to make any sense of them at all.

(If you haven’t got DF 8 yet – gasp  – go get it right now! As a sweetener: for the next few days it’s 40% off!  So hurry, go, go!  It’s an amazing supplement – not least just as a vast, vast compendium of goodies for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy play)

Worth noting: given my needs, my system differs from the system in DF8 in a few pretty central ways.

Firstly, where DF8 lists treasure by name, I’ve ranked the treasures by value, and changed the rolling mechanism so as to incorporate my Peril Ratings mechanic.  This means that easy Peril 1 adventures tend to have crap treasure, whereas terrifying Peril 7 adventures tend to have incredibly valuable treasure, which is just as it should be.

Secondly, where DF8 is a GM-facing system, I’ve tried to turn things around and make this treasure system player-facing.  What does that mean?  Well, DF8 is designed to be used by the GM during prep, and so, understandably, it’s designed to give you all the information about the treasure right away.  Whereas my system is designed for collaborative, GM-less or solo play,  and so at certain points it doesn’t give you all the information up front.  In particular I’ve tried to ensure that the system preserves the mystery of unidentified items, until the PCs are actually able to identify them.  I haven’t entirely succeeded here  – there are still types of treasure that need to be reworked to really fit this model.  But that’s the principle, at any rate.

Of course, these two fundamental changes don’t come without consequences: this system isn’t even a tenth as comprehensive as DF8, and some of the solutions I’ve come up with are pretty cludgy, compared with DF8s elegance.  But I’ve found it works pretty well in GM-less play.

Anyway, take a look and see what you think.

If nothing else, it ought to make solo or collaborative play using the system on this site a good deal more satisfying.


2 thoughts on “GURPS Treasure on the fly!

  1. Very good to see you posting, and I will certainly make use of this.

    Interesting fact of the day: “The Song of the Cid”, the epic poem commemorating the life and victories of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar (well known to Spaniards, and made famous to American audiences by an Age of Empires campaign) lists the value of loot taken after every significant battle. Discovering this has made me feel somewhat less embarrassed (and somewhat less “tradesman-y”) at the level of attention paid to gold by the heroes we wind up playing.

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