GURPS in 2016 – What the hell was THAT?!!?

So I’ve been reflecting on the year in GURPS – and all I can say is wow!

Over the last few years, many of us have feared that GURPS was never going to get any love: SJGames seemed focused on Munchkin, and then also on the Ogre Kickstarter.  Of course, this was for very understandable commercial reasons – but still, those of us who love GURPS are insatiable, and just want more, more, more!

In the first half of 2016, this trend looked set to continue.  So far, so glum.

But, man, did the final third of 2016 bring GURPS a lot of joy!  Since nothing else of any importance happened all year, the whole world will surely remember 2016 as the year that everything turned around for GURPS, right?  Right.

dfJokes aside, the last four months of the year really were amazingly wonderful, speaking purely from a GURPS perspective.  GURPS gamers were treated to:

On top of this, the fanbase was energized and active:

  • This was the year that the GURPS Blogosphere really took off – a development best symbolized by the continuing success of GURPS Day, coming every Thursday to an internet near you.
  • Part of the fanbase got together to create the new GURPS Discord, which has been getting a lot of traffic, and will hopefully do its part in bringing a whole new demographic of people into GURPS in the next few years.
  • The GURPS discussion on the SJGames Forums was, once again, extensive, enthusiastic, and of very high quality.  I’m not sure what the stats are there, but most times I stop in I see around 100 people viewing the “GURPS” part of the forum alone.  That’s a lot of people to be constantly engaged in a discussion, given the niche market we’re talking about.

All of this showed:

  1. That GURPS is not just aaalliiiivvvee! but positively thriving.
  2. Steve Jackson Games is serious about GURPS, and is currently testing the market to decide its future.
  3. Next year is going to be a huge year for GURPS. We have the release of the Dungeon Fantasy Boxed Set, plus the two new GURPS hardcovers coming out properly – plus SJGames will obviously by reflecting on their new experiments, and maybe moving ahead with some of them (fingers crossed for print on demand!)

So it’s a really, really exciting time to be a GURPS Gamer.  Ever since the blogosphere took off, people (me definitely included!!) have been talking, a bit hopefully but also a bit speculatively, about a GURPS Renaissance.  The last quarter of this year really showed that this is not just empty talk – it could really happen.  In fact, it might just be happening around us as we speak…

So bring on 2017!

Happy gaming, everyone!


6 thoughts on “GURPS in 2016 – What the hell was THAT?!!?

  1. Agreed – it’s a really great time for a diehard GURPS player like me to have got back into the hobby after many years without RPG’s! I love the fact that there is a thriving, enthusiastic core of members always posting and replying on the SJG Forum and that there are new blogs popping up every week. Here’s to new developments in 2017!

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  2. Joe, your blog has been a high point of 2016 for me. Your ideas are great and am looking forward to the further adventures of Temian Fell, whenever his hand heals! Wishing you a Happy New Year!


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