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Session report on the way!

solo 6Just a quick note to say that, since my new group has now had two of its three test sessions, and both have gone very well, it’s definitely time for me to post some session reports….

…But I haven’t quite finished them yet.

I’m hoping to get the first session report up some time over the next day or two, so if that interests you, please do stay tuned.

The short report: both sessions went really well.  The group seems to be developing a good vibe, and everyone seems to be enjoying the game quite a bit.  The logistics so far have worked out ok, though it looks like the next few weeks might be tough, since many of us have work commitments coming up in our usual play timeslot.  We’ll see how that works out.

After session 3, we’ll stop and review, as planned.  I’m not yet sure whether folks will want to stick with GURPS, let alone GURPS DF, let alone the same GURPS DF campaign, let alone the same characters in this GURPS DF campaignbut again, we’ll see.  We’re certainly having a good time, and people seem invested in their characters, for the moment, at least. 

Anyhow, as I said, if you want to hear more about what actually happened during those two sessions, do stay tuned!



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