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Town Adventures system – first draft and alpha playtest coming!

So, I’ve been working on a Town Adventures system for quite a while now, on and off.  (More “off” than “on” over the last year, to be honest, but still…).   For those who came in late, what I’m talking about is a system that would allow you to run town-based fantasy adventures without a GM.

Towns - medieval English Street SceneWhile working on this, I’ve come up with many different basic concepts, quite a few different basic mechanisms, and even a few different first drafts.  Finally, though, I have a first draft that pleases me enough to make it seem worth trying a quick playtest.  So – announcement! – some time in the next little while I’m going to be posting an initial, draft, alpha-version, provisional, bare-bones skeleton of a highly unfinished Town Adventures system.

Please note all the qualifiers!  The system really is in its very initial stages – there’s still a lot of detail to fill in; there are probably some very basic flaws in it that I haven’t yet discovered – and, most importantly, I haven’t given it even a moment’s playtesting.

But that’s why I’m posting it – I thought it might be fun to do the very first playtest on this site, so that y’all can watch me make a fool of myself by exposing for public ridicule all the serious, fundamental errors in my initial thinking.

So if that sounds like fun to you, then feel free to stick around!  I think it’ll be fun for me, in any case….


9 thoughts on “Town Adventures system – first draft and alpha playtest coming!

    1. Hey, Joe; by chance, is there any way I could reach you about an old pet project of mine? I tried to look for you on the SJ’s forums but for some reason I still do not have privileges to edit my account nor send messages, even after about a semester after registering.

      In case you are curious, this is what I am talking about: I made a little software to generate random NPCs on the fly, using the system described in your blog. And it is customizable – you can choose to omit tables or use new tables when rolling. I will send you some links to screenshots I took today of an old version, and if you’d like I could send you the software (I am pretty sure it would be first tagged as harmful, though, and it still has some bugs I have to correct).

      Main Screen:
      Main Screen + Options:
      Random NPC:
      Random NPC using extra options:


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