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Top ten reasons? Bah! Amateurs!

So, I just read a post that was so wonderful I had to share it.  T-Bone offered us 31 Reasons Why You Want To Pick Up The Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game (and fast!).

That, my friends, is an accurate (and possibly exhaustive?!?) list of the primary virtues of the DFRPG.   And written with such verve, too!  Nice one, T-Bone.

If you have any friends who are still hesitating about picking up a copy of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG over the next few days, then this is the post to send them to!


2 thoughts on “Top ten reasons? Bah! Amateurs!

  1. Thanks for the kind plug! Every little bit helps move the Kickstarter up to funding (and on to stretch goals. Daddy wants his schwag.)

    BTW, about those “31 reasons” for loving DFRPG: I had to combine and drop some reasons to get the number down to 31!


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