The Ten Adventure Types

These are nine of the ten adventure types I use in this system.

3-5 Compete! Audition, joust in a tournament, get challenged to a duel, debate, or dare, enter a contest at a festival, undergo a trial, win a game or race
6-7 Sabotage! Destroy, disrupt, break, disable, desecrate, exorcise
8 Convince! Persuade, blackmail, entreat, bargain, manipulate, intimidate, seduce
9 Chase! Pursue, hunt down, catch up with
10 Slay! Kill, assassinate, collect bounty
11 Fetch! Rescue, retrieve, steal, find, take, get
12 Protect! Defend, guard, escort, deliver, bring
13-14 Investigate! Learn, discover, find out
15-18 Explore! Blaze a trail, find a route, map

The tenth adventure type is Escape! – and the reason it’s special is that no-one ever chooses it willingly.  Instead, you’re captured by the enemy, and then it chooses you!