“Escape” Adventures: Fleeing

Fleeing is handled as a short-range Chase scene: see the entry for “Chase” adventures. The difference is that the PCs are now the Quarry. Each chase round, determine the Pursuer’s chase action by rolling on the table. If you win the chase, you’ve escaped for now – but your pursuers may keep tracking you through the wilderness! Roll 3d6 and add Peril. On a 16 or more, you’ll have to continue fleeing – you’re now on the wrong end of a long-distance “Chase” adventure! If you lose the chase, you’ve been captured – proceed to Breaking Out!

Pursuer’s Chase Maneuver 

Roll 1d, 1d.  (Need a die roller?)

1-3, 1-5 Move
1-3, 6 Move & Attack (if applicable)
4-6, 1 Attack (if applicable)
4-6, 2 Embark/Disembark
4-6, 3 Force (if applicable)
4-6, 4 Mobility Pursuit
4-6, 5 Ram (if applicable)
4-6, 6 Stunt