“Fetch” Adventures

“Fetch” sounds trivial, but don’t be misled – any plot that involves finding something, securing it, and bringing it back is a “Fetch” adventure. Rescuing the princess; finding the lost treasure; capturing wanted criminals to collect the bounties; kidnapping rich merchants for ransom; stealing things recovering stolen property; retrieving ancient artifacts: the “Fetch” adventure type covers all of these, and more.

“What Do We Need to Fetch?”

Roll 3d6. (Need a die roller?)

We need to…

3-6   … retrieve something lost or stolen
7       … capture a wanted criminal
8-9   … rescue someone
10-12 … find a lost treasure
13-16 … recover an ancient artifact
17-18 … kidnap someone

Rescuing people can be lucrative, if they’re high Status: add a bonus to the Reward equal to (Status x Peril x $500). On the other hand, anyone with enough resources to take the Prince captive is probably going to be able to protect them effectively – high-status prisoners will always be found in a dungeon level with a Peril rating at least equal to their Status.

Kidnapping people is similarly lucrative if they’re high Status – and similarly dangerous. But it also tends to make one enemies. Use the rules above, but unless the group is very good at concealing their identify and getting away without a trace, they will acquire a negative Reputation and/or Enemy worth disadvantage points at least equal to the Status of the person they kidnap, plus the Peril.

If you’re in search of a lost treasure, the treasure itself is your Reward. When you finally discover the treasure, roll on the following table to see how large it turns out to be:

“We Found the Lost Treasure!”

Roll 3d6.  (Need a die roller?)

3-6 The treasure is truly vast! Treasure equivalent to triple high rates for all PCs, plus Peril rolls on the treasure tables each.
7-9 The treasure is very impressive indeed! Treasure equivalent to high rates for all PCs, plus a roll on the treasure tables each, plus a number of additional rolls for the group equal to Peril.
10-12 The treasure really is quite substantial, if somewhat exaggerated by the legends. Treasure equivalent to standard rates for all PCs, plus a roll on the treasure tables each.
13-14 Rumors have greatly exaggerated the size of the treasure. Treasure equivalent to low rates for all PCs, plus one roll on the treasure tables, total.
15-16 The treasure is gone! Bet there’s a clue as to who took it, or where it was taken, or where its real location was all along. Roll up another adventure, with this lost treasure as an additional reward.
17-18 The treasure is vastly overrated – it’s just $2d worth of coins. Bad luck!