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Creating a “Guide” NPC for my new campaign

My new Dungeon Fantasy group is probably going to be heading into the wilderness soon, on the way to the Dungeon (TM).   Since the party (oddly!) consists of a Bard, a Cleric, and an Unholy Warrior, no-one has much in the way of wilderness skills. Now, the situation isn’t as bad as you might expect,… Continue reading Creating a “Guide” NPC for my new campaign

Campaign Notes · GURPS

New Group, New Campaign: Reflections on Session One

As I’ve mentioned a few times now, I’ve just formed a new face-to-face group, and we’re starting with 3 sessions of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, just to test the group dynamics, scheduling logistics etc. Yesterday we had our first session. A few preliminary observations: The first session went very well, I think. I’d be happy to… Continue reading New Group, New Campaign: Reflections on Session One

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Creating Frith, the Sheltered City

So on Friday my new GURPS group is starting their (highly provisional) Dungeon Fantasy campaign.  I’m setting their adventure’s in Temian’s world – specifically in Frith, a.k.a “The Sheltered City”. As part of my pre-game prep, I thought I’d use my Fantasy Town Creation System to find out what Frith is really like.  Who knows,… Continue reading Creating Frith, the Sheltered City