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New Group, New Campaign: Reflections on Session One

As I’ve mentioned a few times now, I’ve just formed a new face-to-face group, and we’re starting with 3 sessions of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, just to test the group dynamics, scheduling logistics etc. Yesterday we had our first session. A few preliminary observations: The first session went very well, I think. I’d be happy to… Continue reading New Group, New Campaign: Reflections on Session One

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Creating Frith, the Sheltered City

So on Friday my new GURPS group is starting their (highly provisional) Dungeon Fantasy campaign.  I’m setting their adventure’s in Temian’s world – specifically in Frith, a.k.a “The Sheltered City”. As part of my pre-game prep, I thought I’d use my Fantasy Town Creation System to find out what Frith is really like.  Who knows,… Continue reading Creating Frith, the Sheltered City