Monster - Orc of mordor.jpgThese tables allow you to make all manner of greenskins and goblin-kin: cruel orcs and wicked goblins, of course, plus hobgoblins, half-orcs, odd sub-species, rare hybrids, isolated tribes, etc.

Start with the basic goblin-kin template, add special abilities as appropriate to the level of Peril, and then roll for the goblinoids’s other traits, as they become apparent to the PCs – not before!

Suitable skill rolls can determine some things in advance – one trait per 2 points of success.

The Basic Goblin-Kin Template

All goblinoids have the following traits:

  • Rapid Healing [5]
  • Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+3) [10]
  • Night Vision 5 [5]
  • Appearance (Ugly) [-8]
  • Social Stigma (Savage) [-10]
  • Brawling, Wrestling, and appropriate weapon skills at DX+Peril.
  • Plus one of the following:

Roll 1d (need a die roller?)

3 Teeth (Sharp) (Bite for thr+1 cr) [1]
4 Teeth (Sharp) (Bite for thr+1 cr) [1]]
5 Teeth (Fangs) (Bite for thr/cut) [2]
6 Tusks (weak striker, does thr/pi) [6]

Goblin-Kin Special Abilities

All Goblinoids also gain the following traits, up to and including those at their level of Peril:

Peril 2 HP +2 [4]
Peril 3 DR 2 (Tough Skin) [6]
Peril 4 High Pain Threshold [10]
Peril 5 Combat Reflexes [15]
Peril 6 +4 to primary weapon skill [16]
Peril 7 Weapon Master (Primary Weapon) [20]
Before You See the Goblin-Kin

Goblin-Kin Stealth

Roll 3d6.  (Need a die roller?)

3-10 None
11-12 Stealth is 9+Peril/2
13-14 Stealth is 8+Peril
15-18 Stealth is 10+Peril

Goblin-Kin Perception

Roll 3d6.  (Need a die roller?)  If you roll any doubles, the Goblinoid also has Infravision [10].

3-8 Per is 8+Peril
9-12 Per is 9+Peril
13-18 Per is 10+Peril
Once You’ve Seen the Goblin-Kin

Goblin-Kin Strength

Roll 3d6. (Need a die roller?)

3-8 ST is 4+(2xPeril)
9-10 ST is 7+(2xPeril)
11-12 ST is 10+Peril
13-18 ST is 12+Peril
When You’re Facing the Goblin-Kin

Goblin-Kin Mentality

All Goblinoids have one of the following disadvantages.  Roll 1d, 1d (need a die roller?)

1-4 1-2 Bad Temper (12) [-10]
1-4 3-4 Bully (12) [-10]
1-4 5-6 Callous [-5]
5-6 1 Cowardice (12) [-10]
5-6 2 Jealous (12) [-10]
5-6 3 Laziness [-10]
5-6 4 Sadism [-15]
5-6 5 Selfish (12) [-5]
5-6 6

Goblin-Kin Dexterity

Roll 3d6. (Need a die roller?)

3-8 DX is 8+Peril/2
9-13 DX is 9+Peril/2
14-18 DX is 10+Peril/2

Goblin-Kin Health

Roll 3d6. (Need a die roller?)

3-5 HT is 9
6-9 HT is 10
10-13 HT is 11
14-18 HT is 12

Goblin-Kin Intelligence

Roll 3d6. (Need a die roller?) Determine Will and Perception separately.

3-8 IQ is 8
9-12 IQ is 7+Peril/2
13-18 IQ is 8+Peril/2

Goblin-Kin Will

Roll 3d6. (Need a die roller?)

3-8 Will is 6+Peril
9-12 Will is 10+Peril/2
13-18 Will is 9+Peril

Is the Goblinoid Susceptible to Sunlight?

When the Goblinoid is exposed to sunlight, roll 3d6 and add Peril.  (Need a die roller?)

On a 12 or less, the Goblinoid has a weakness to sunlight, and takes 1d fatigue damage per ½ hour, or 1d per hour if in heavy clothing.  This is Weakness (Sunlight) [-3].

On an 8 or less, the Goblinoid has a severe weakness to sunlight, and takes 1d HP damage per 5 minutes exposure, or 1d per 10 minutes in heavy clothing.  This is Weakness (Sunlight) [-30].