The Adventures of Temian Fell

Classic - Entering the Dungeon
The solo adventure that started it all for me…

The pages under this tab collect all the material from my ongoing series of GURPS solo-play campaign, The Adventures of Temian Fell. 

Yes, I said “solo play” – it’s just me here!  I run the whole campaign without a GM, using the standard GURPS rules supplemented by the extensive system of procedural tables that you can find on this site.

The whole thing is just a way for me to have some fun, really, but it also has a minor secondary goal, which is to provide others with an example of how much fun GM-less play can be!  And to show how all the gadgets from GM-less play on this site work, too.

Q: What kind of fantasy world is this campaign set in?

I describe it all on this page: Temian’s World

Q: Who is this “Temian Fell”?

Here you can see Temian Fell’s character sheet.  He was created using my house rules for character creation.

Q: Enough preamble!  Show me the adventures!

With pleasure!  Here are all the session reports so far.  Enjoy!