All the Adventures So Far….

Classic - Entering the DungeonThis page contains links to all the “Adventures of Temian Fell” session reports I’ve posted so far.

How to read them:

A tip on how to read these adventures for maximum pleasure:

Everything that happens in the story is written in normal, left-justified text, like this.

…whereas all discussion of game mechanics, meta-commentary etc, is written in italics and indented, like this.

My goal is to make it easy for you to follow the basic plot, while reading only as much game-mechanical detail as you have a mind to.

So if you just want to know what happened, feel free to skip everything in italics!

But if you want to know why it happened, game-mechanically speaking, then the stuff in italics is key. 

The Adventures of Temian Fell

The Pilot

The First Adventure (“Temian Fell and the Witch’s Curse”)

The Second Adventure (“Temian Fell and the Secret of Murdfane Temple”)