Temian Fell’s Character Sheet

(For those who came in late: having created a new fantasy world from scratch using this procedural system, I’m now exploring it in a solo-play campaign.  This is the main PC’s character sheet.)

So I’ve named, created, and outfitted Temian Fell – but of course, as the campaign goes on, his character sheet will keep changing.   So here’s his current character sheet!   I’ll be updating this page again and again as time goes on…

Note: if you’d like to see what Temian’s sheet looked like at the very start of the campaign, head here.

Temian Fell, a.k.a. Temian Vaetirrfell
The dashing Temian Fell, hero extraordinaire.  (And before you ask: yes, all self-respecting fantasy heroes have 80s hairdos.)

Explorer of ancient ruins and all-round square-jawed Hero.

ST  12 [20]           HP  12
DX 12 [40]           Per 13
IQ  13 [60]           Will 14 [5]
HT 12 [20]            FP 12

Basic Speed 6:00, Basic Move 6:00

Combat Reflexes [15]
Luck [15]
Charisma 1 [5]
Attractive [4]

Classic Features: Generic Hero (Temian looks exactly like a generic storybook hero, so he gets an additional +1 on reactions from people who have a particular weakness for that type) [1]

Reputation (as a local hero, explorer of lost ruins, and moderately successful treasure hunter. Worth a +1 on reactions, but only among the people of Eldervale) [2].

Brotherhood (Minor spirits) [1] (From Eldervalean Template)

Claim to Hospitality (Family and friends in Eldervale) [1] (From Eldervalean Template)

Obsession: Exploring Ancient Ruins (12-) [-10]
Impulsiveness (12-) [-10]
Selfless (12-) [-5]
Compulsive Generosity (12-) [-5]
Wealth: Struggling [-10]

Bold (This is quirk-level Overconfidence, controllable on at 16-) [-1]
Vow: to explore the Lost Elven City of Lara Ithuil [-1]
Likes to open a fight by attempting to disarm, when fighting human foes [-1]
Undetermined Quirk [-1]
Undetermined Quirk [-1]

Social Stigma: Eldervalean (This is a quirk-level Social Stigma: some people in civilized realms mistrust Eldervaleans, since they’re considered odd, a bit fey, and not quite ok.  Worth a -1 on reactions when it applies – but it applies quite rarely.)  [-1] (From Eldervalean Template)

Skills (Organized by type)

ca0d59c64a316d8e371f14a1e5d14ea6Scholarly Skills
Archaeology [2] 12
Literature [2] 12
Research [1] 12

Eldritch Skills
Exorcism [1] 13
Occultism [2] 13
Hidden Lore (Troll-wights) [1] 12
Hidden Lore (Demons) [2] 13

c845d8ddcbccf0c874eff927b4d754feOutdoors Skills
Area Knowledge (Eldervale) [1] (13) (From Eldervalean Template)
Navigation (Land) [1] 12
Riding (Horse) [1] 11 (From Eldervalean Template)
Survival (Mountain) [2] 13
Swimming [1] 12 (From Eldervalean Template)
Boating (Unpowered) [1] 11 (From Eldervalean Template)


Combat Skills
Broadsword [6] 13
Technique: Disarming (Broadsword) [2] 14
Fast-Draw (Broadsword) [1] 12
Cloak [2] 12
Brawling [1] 12

41EN5uvwQpLSocial Skills
Acting [1] 12
Diplomacy [1] 11
Intimidation [1] 13

il_fullxfull.689602331_hnfs.jpgMiscellaneous Skills
Observation [1] 12
Search [1] 12
Stealth [2] 12
First Aid [1] 13
Traps [1] 12

Unspent Character Points: 0

Temian’s broadsword and mail.

On body:

  • Thrusting Broadsword    (240sp, 3lbs, sw+1 cut, thr+2imp).  (This sword is a family heirloom; it used to be pretty rusty, but then Temian had it refurbished.).
  • Heavy Cloak (50sp, 5lbs,  DB2, DR1/HP5)
  • Mail Shirt   (150 sp, 16lbs, DR 4*,  only 2 vs crushing).
  • Mail Coif (55sp, 4lbs, DR 4*, only 2 vs crushing)
  • Heavy Leather Leggings and Sleeves (110sp, 6lbs, DR 2)
  • Leather Gloves (30sp, neg., DR2*)
  • Boots (80sp, 3lbs, DR 2*)
  • Personal Basics  (5sp, 1lb)

Total weight: 38lbs (light encumbrance)

Journeys - Pack and goodsIn backpack:

  • Small pack (60sp, 3lbs, holds 40lbs)
  • Canteen  (10sp, 3lbs)
  • Blanket  (20sp, 4lbs)
  • First-aid kit (50sp, 2lbs)
  • Climbing gear (20sp, 4lbs)
  • Rope, 3/8″ (5sp, 1.5lbs, 10 yards long, supports 300lbs)
  • 15 meals worth of traveler’s rations (30sp, 7.5lbs)
  • Small Sack (15sp, 1.5lbs   Holds 20lbs.)   (Note that I extrapolated the stats for this from the larger two-handed sack in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1: Adventurers, p24.)
  • A finely-wrought silver circlet that used to belong to the Baroness of Heirloom Peak.  (200sp, neg).  (Acquired during Episode 4)
  • A crystal vial containing an as-yet unidentified liquid.  (?sp, 0.5 lbs) (Acquired during Episode 5)

Strapped to Backpack:

Temian’s excellent magical bow. Now, if only he knew how to shoot…
  • Ancient Elven Windbow (priceless, 2lbs)  A slender and elegant bow that smells very faintly of woodsmoke, like an old campfire.  Its slim grip is richly decorated in delicate green and gold scroll-work.  Beneath the patterning, one can just make out the faint image of a deer sniffing the wind.  This bow “shoots the wind”: it fires magical concussion blasts as per the Concussion spell in GURPS Magic, p. 26.  The bow itself can be found in Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables, p.41.  (Acquired during Episode 8).

Total pack weight: 27lbs

Grand total of weight: 67 lbs (medium encumbrance)

Coin pouch
Temian’s coin purse (not usually this full!)

Cash on Hand:

  • 655 Valirothian silver pieces.
  • 100 Valirothian coppper pieces (worth 1/10sp each)
  • 210 Armarian silver pieces
  • 100 Armarian copper pieces (worth 1/10 sp each)
  • 10 Armarian gold pieces (worth 10 sp each) 
  • 100 ancient Imperial copper pieces (worth 1/10 sp each)
Summary of Key Combat Stats

All this gives Temian the following combat stats:

Basic Speed:6:00  Move: 5, or 4 with pack.

To hit: roll vs Broadsword 13
Damage: swing for 1d+3 cut, or thrust for 1d+1 imp

Parry (Broadsword): 10, or 12 if using cloak.
Block: (Cloak) 11
Dodge: 9, or 11 if using cloak (8/10 if carrying sack)
DR: On the torso and head: DR 4, or 2 vs crushing.  Most other places: DR 2.


(These are as per my system for GM-less Plots)

First Personal Plot: Temian wants to find and explore the lost Elven City of Lara Ithuil, somewhere in the Snowsprawl region, far to the North-West.

Plot elements acquired so far:

  1. In Episode 4 (“The Castle of Heirloom Peak“), Temian discovered that certain demons from the Infernum are also searching for the location of the Lost City, for their own foul purposes.
  2. In Episode 5 (“The Book of the Corrupted Seal“), Temian discovered that those demons are the minions of a Demon Prince named Narnuilakh (A.K.A. “The Lord of the Starless Night”), who is currently walking the earth in mortal form.  Narnuilakh wants to find the Lost City because its buried library contains ancient magical lore of great power.  His plan seems to be to use those secrets as a lure with which to tempt mortals to sell their souls.
  3. In Episode 8 (“Murdfane Temple“), Temian discovered that the Hawkfolk of Valiroth are conducting a secret military operation in the Wistwilds.  They appear to be fortifying the tunnels beneath Murdfane Temple, in an attempt to keep some kind of ancient evil at bay.  Crucially, he heard them invoke the name “Narnuilakh,” while doing so – but whether they were calling upon the power of Narnuilakh to aid them, or trying to ward against Narnuilakh, Temian doesn’t know.

Second Personal Plot:


Resolved Plotline: Temian wants to bring the Dunmoss Witch to justice.

Plot elements acquired:

  1. In Episode 6 (“Treachery in Eldervale“), Temian discovered an old legend suggesting that the the Dunmoss Witch initially acquired her dark powers at an evil temple, 7 days journey from Dunmoss.
  2. In Episode 7 (“Into the Wistwilds“), Temian discovered the Witch gained her powers by stealing them from a Demon Prince of some kind.
  3. In Episode 8 (“Murdfane Temple“), Temian finally traveled to the Temple and destroyed the Witch’s dark altar, thus depriving her of her powers.  (Though this might have had the unintended side effect of returning that power to the Demon Prince…  But Temian has resolved to worry about that later, if at all!)

That resolved this plotline… for now!

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