Miscellaneous Treasure

Miscellaneous treasure could be anything: gold bullion, fine furniture, a nice dinnerware set – anything that seems like it might fetch a price.

This system deals with such things abstractly, boiling all those miscellaneous items down to the essential details: how much is it worth, how much does it weigh, and is it helpful or or a hindrance on the way home.

Roll for all those things, and then invent an item that matches this description, and seems appropriate to the location you’re now in.

What Does this Miscellaneous Item Seem Worth?

Roll 3d6.  (Need a die roller?)  “N” means the number of PCs involved; it derives from Dungeon Fantasy Adventures 1: The Mirror of the Fire Demon.

3-4 N x Peril x $1000
5-6 N x Peril x $100
7-8 N x Peril x $75
9-10 N x Peril x $50
11-12 N x Peril x $25
13-14 N x Peril x $10
15-16 N x Peril x $1
17-18 $Peril
How Much Does it Weigh?

Roll 3d6.  (Need a die roller?)

3-7 Neg.
8 N x 0.5 lbs
9 N x 1 lb
10 N x 2 lbs
11 N x 5lbs
12-13 N x 10 lbs
14-15 N x 20 lbs
16-17 N x 50 lbs
18 N x 100 lbs
Are There Any Special Considerations?

Roll 3d6.  (Need a die roller?)

3-8 Useful – could conceivably come in handy during the adventure.  Examples: mundane weapons, armor, equipment, etc.
9-13 No special considerations.
14 Specialized – worth only 50% of the listed value if sold to an ordinary merchant as-is.  But you can get 200% of the listed value for it if you take it to one of the rare experts in this sort of thing: this might mean selling it to a specialized dealer, getting it fixed by a rare kind of artificer or mage, having a cure removed by a high-ranking cleric, or similar.  This should require some effort, and the more valuable the item, the more effort should be required: selling any specialized item at the higher rate should require travel to a big city, at the very least, and possibly may require an Investigation adventure, in order to find the right dealer.
15 Bulky – hard to transport due to its size, shape, or general awkwardness.  Alternatively, you can opt for some other transport-related difficulty: perhaps it’s very loud to transport, giving penalties to Stealth rolls.
16 Hazardous – Needs to be transported with an Animal Handling, HazMat (Magical) roll, or similar; failure mean those carrying it take 1d+ Peril damage.
17-18 Roll again twice, adding 3 each time.  If you roll the same result twice, take the result above instead.
Some Examples for Inspiration

Value per lb Example
$20,000 Solid gold jewelry, very rare gemstones
$10,000 Exceptional clothing, fit for the high nobility.  Add decorative enchantments!
$2,500 Rare spices such as cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, pepper, zeodary
$1,000 Solid silver jewelry, semi-precious gemstones
$600 Common spices such as ginger, mustard, onion seed, poppy seed, sumac, turmeric.  Very fine (Status 2-4) clothing.
$500 Extremely rare or lightly magical cloth
$250 Rare incense such as frankincense or myrrh; cinnabar; salt
$125 Perfumed oil
$80 Flower water
$50 Bronze jewelry; decent clothing
$40 Woad
$30 Silk, tea
$20 Leather made from the skin of sapient beings or otherworldy creatures
$2-5 Leather, furs, cloth
$0.5-2 Ale, wine, mead, small household items

For further ideas, head over to GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables, and roll for some Embellishments!  They won’t affect the final value, which you’ve already determined – but they might well inspire you to be more creative