Levels of Civilization Explained

A Civilized Region is a well-settled land with a fairly high population density – by medieval standards, at least. Much of the countryside is agricultural, though patches of untamed or relatively wild nature can still be found here and there. There are roads, though only a few main highways are kept in good repair; most are more like dirt tracks. The landscape is dotted with Villages, and there are probably a few larger Towns to which the Villager bring their wares – possibly even a large City. The land is not wild, but it’s not quite tame, either: there’s certainly still enough room to get lost in.

A Semi-Civilized Region is one in which sentient creatures are not the dominant inhabitants. There may well be rich, complex cultures here, but they tend not to be the sophisticated agricultural cultures of medieval fantasy – rather than feudal kingdoms, they are the chiefdoms and tribal grounds of nomads, raiders, and hardy warrior peoples. The land is wilder here, and monsters more common.

Wilderness Regions are lands of untamed nature. Few, if any people are to be found there – and those few are generally either primitive tribes, mysterious wanderers, or the strange guardians of remote and sacred places. Not for the faint-hearted!

Monstrous Regions are the dark mirrors of Civilized Regions: they are the lands ruled by the Wraith Queen, the Lord of the Dark, the Orcish Hordes, or similar. There are Villages, Towns, and even perhaps Cities here – but only the heroic dare enter them!