Determining the Starting Region’s Climate and Terrain Type

To create a standard Western Europe-style fantasy world, simply declare the starting Region’s Climate either Temperate or Coastal – your choice!  Then roll on the table on the bottom of this page, to determine the specific Terrain type.

If this is your first time using the World Creator, then I recommend doing the above.

Alternatively, if you want to risk creating a more whacky world, roll 3d6 to determine the Climate.  (Need a die roller?)

3-5 Polar
6-8 Alpine
9-10 Temperate
11-12 Coastal
13-14 Humid
15-17 Arid
18 Oceanic

Now roll 1d6 (need a die roller?) and refer to the appropriate column to determine the terrain type:

Temperate Alpine Polar Coastal Humid Arid
1 Plains Mountains Arctic Beach Jungle Desert
2 Plains Mountains Arctic Beach Jungle Desert
3 Hills River Arctic Forest Swamp Plains
4 Forest Lake Arctic Hills Swamp Hills
5 River Forest Mountains River River Mountains
6 Lake Arctic Mountains Swamp Lake River