Tables for Creating Fantasy Location Names

This huge collection of tables is designed to help your group come up with rich and evocative fantasy names for your Realms, Regions, Towns, and so on.  Nothing in here is intended as a hard-and-fast rule; if you roll up a name you don’t like, just roll again, or else consider it “inspiration” and make up something better by yourself!

If you’re naming a Realm or Region, the first step is to decide what whether you need a Proper Name (e.g. “Cardolan”; “Morimfel”) or a more descriptive name (“The Hills of Horror”).

If you want a Proper Name, head to Proper Names for Fantasy Locations.

If you want a more descriptive name, start by rolling for either a Proper Name or a Terrain term (e.g. “Hills”, “Downs,” “Crags”), and then add a further modifier (e.g. “Darkest Cardolan”, “Horrible Hills” ).

To decide which kind of modifier to use, ask yourself what kind of characteristic the place is named after.

Is it conspicuous tiny, or vast, or civilized, or uncivilized, or  cold, or hot, or similar?  (Which is to say, is it named for its Size, Level of Civilization, Latitude/ Longitude, or Monster Ecology?)  Then use an appropriate Region Type Modifier.

Is it named for its Theme?  Then use a Thematic Modifier.

If the area has nothing special about it, and therefore seems a bit bland and needs more color, use a Miscellaneous Modifier.