“Chase” Adventures

“Chase” adventures are composites: they start with a Chase, and then, if you catch your target, they become a different sort of adventure. Determine the second adventure by rolling on the “Why Are We Chasing Them?” Table.

Then roll up the basics of that other adventure, but leave out “How Much Does it Pay?” and “How Far Do We Have To Go?”– you’ll be using the Distance and Reward you rolled for the Chase instead.

“Why Are We Chasing Them?” 

Roll 3d6.  (Need a die roller?)

3-6 To Convince them
7-8 To Sabotage them
9-10 To Slay them
11-12 To Fetch something from them
13-14 To Investigate something
15-18 To Protect them

Short-Range Chase or Long-Range Chase?

If your roll on the “How Far Do We Have To Go?” Table indicated that the adventure is Here, then your quarry is not fleeing very far: just to the other side of the village, across town, or similar. This means you’re in a short-range chase.   If the adventure is Nearby, Far Away, or Very Far Away, then your quarry is headed out across the wilderness. This means you’re in a long-range chase.