“Escape” Adventures (Special)

“Escape” adventures are a special case: no-one ever signs up for one voluntarily. Escapes begin with either a hiding scene, a fleeing scene, or a breaking out scene. Depending on how well (or badly!) that goes, the adventure may continue into one or both of the other scenes. Start by choosing one of the three scene types, as appropriate to the story. If the group can’t agree which is most appropriate, simply roll 1d6 – then click through to find out how to run the relevant scene.  (Need a die roller?)

1-2 – Hiding

3-4 – Fleeing

5-6 – Breaking Out

Whether you’re hiding, fleeing, or breaking out, “Escape” adventures don’t involve Employers, and nor do they offer Rewards of any kind. The Reward is freedom!

A Note on Overwhelming Opposition

In an “Escape” adventure, it’s essential that the PCs be faced with overwhelming opposition – otherwise, they would simply turn and fight. This is best handled narratively. If they’re ever caught by the opposition, don’t run a fight scene: instead, simply have everyone narrate how they surrender, go down fighting, are over powered, or similar. Then cut to the prison. After playing a scene or two in prison, you can run a breakout!